Vincent Mannings is lucky enough to be married to Helene; they make their home in Pacific Grove, California. For what it’s worth, Vince has a Ph.D. in an obscure but fascinating discipline. Fiction by Vince Mannings includes a story featured in the literary and fine arts journal, The Woven Tale Press (vol. VI, issue #4). Another piece is in The Wilderness House Literary Review , and an excerpt of Vince’s novel, The Laramel Shelleys , has been published in the journal, The Writing Disorder . Readers are encouraged to support these and other journals: their content is superb, and the expertise and dedication of their editorial teams help to keep the literary world afloat. The maternal side of Vince’s family tree includes the Irish-born literary critic Mary Maguire Colum (1884 – 1957); her life and works are described by Prof. Denise A. Ayo, of the University of Notre Dame. While Mary resided primarily in New York City, her work took her to many other places, includin